Monday, May 19, 2008

I see a grocery run in our future

Milk for breakfast? That is boring. Besides, we are out. Apple juice, orange juice, grape juice, blueberry juice, pomegranate juice? Yep, we are all out of those, too.

Cereal? Nope, got none of that.

Cheese toast? Sausage? Pancakes? Right. We are out of all of that stuff, also.

Turns out we are out of everything except half a bag of M&Ms (compliments of Father of Five) and a few snacks. Heck, we are even out of Dr Pepper.

Hopefully nobody from the state shows up at our breakfast table this morning. Otherwise they would take the kids. So what IS for breakfast? Pop Tarts and Kool-Aid of course.

But it IS grape Kool-Aid and they ARE strawberry Pop Tarts. So that counts for something, right?

First thing on the list this morning? Sponge Bob. Then dropping off the boy at school, where he can buy a nutritious lunch for $2. THEN straight to the grocery store. Where they sell donuts and Dr Pepper.

Which will make a mighty fine REAL breakfast, right?


Kristi said...

And what does the Boss Lady say to this nutrition plan? LOL

Mike said...

Hey, SHE was the one who was right next door to the grocery store yesterday. Shoulda stocked us up.

And I wondered why she left in a hurry this morning, right before the kids got up...

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