Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One more for the list

There are lots of things I can do. But a lot of those things would cause our entire family to starve within days if my salary depended on it. Like house painting. I can do it, but it takes nearly forever.

I can grow veggies in my garden, but I would have to sell each bean for like $1.35 if we were to make a living off of the land. I can make old trucks run. As long as looks and safety are of no concern.

I can cook. Barely. And if I went pro doing it, someone would really have to want to pay big bucks for pizza and mac and cheese.

Thanks to The Queen Mother, I can also sew. A little. Enough to make doll clothes with the assistance of a 4 year old? You betcha. Good enough to sell and live off of the profits? Maybe not.

The Girl and I set out this morning to whip up a new outfit for one of her dolls. The Princess worked the sewing machine foot pedal like a true seamstress. Any flaws in the stitch work or design are totally mine.

Just for the record, The Princess planned to make a Halloween costume. I talked her down to a nightgown for her doll, Emma. Which evidently was just on the edge of my abilities, since we had to make it twice. The first one wouldn't go over that baby doll's gargantuan melon.


AMR said...

That is beyond cool. Seriously.

Susan Godfrey said...

My husband sews quite a lot himself. He's been making hammocks and accessories, he even sewed a backpack! Of course he does all this without a pattern...he's a better sewer than me sometimes and I've been sewing for years! I think it's a talent that all men should have a little knowledge of (lol!). Great job on the doll gown!