Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Somebody ought to screen these things better

I seem to have made the cut over at the Best of Blogs, Best Daddy Blog. Father of Five nominated me for this prestigious honor. Heck it must be high class seeing as they haven't even updated their graphics since last year.

FOF made the final 10, too. And he is my favoritests blogger EVAR. Of course, you start sending me packages of Dr Pepper and M&Ms and you can be my new best bloggy friend, OK? Or just vote this tripe to the top of the heap of Dad blogs and maybe The Boss Lady will throw us all a raging kegger nice little get together with finger sammiches and a punchbowl full of bathtub gin other stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds like you had a rough night. I live in sunny Florida with my family so we have Hurricane season and evacuating to my father-in-laws house once or twice a year. But, I remember growing up in the north lining up along an interior wall all night with that rushing wind. I am a stay at home/work at home dad with 4 children or .biz----Have a wonderful day! Jeff