Friday, May 23, 2008

Off to slay the dragon.

Her Royal Highness, The Boss Lady, has invited the entire AtHomeFamily to come along on her Memorial Day Holiday Weekend quest. We will be heading out soon to go to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. But proving that she might actually be the Court Jester, HRH, TBL has decided that it is a good idea to take 4 (four, yep, 2 squared) extra children with us.

Hopefully the dragon or the extra kiddos won't get the best of AtHomeDaddy, since The Talker still has a week of school and The Princess has another day or so to go until summer break. And Summer is when AtHomeDaddy really earns his keep around here.

Hope you guys have a great holiday. Drive safe and say "Thanks" to a member of the US Armed Forces if you get a chance.

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