Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome to MowDaddy

So The Boss Lady is now hiring her wonderful hubby out for general lawn maintenance. In other words, I have reverted to a 14 year old kid and will be mowing yards this summer.

A friend of the wife's is shelling out big bucks for her yard work. When my lovely bride was talking with her about it it must have gone like this:

"You pay how much? Mike will do it for half that... And he can start this week."

So I have a new mowing job a few blocks away. I also have a wife that seems to have a high level of skill in negotiations concerning how busy I should be.

Lucky me.

Actually, when I started this stay at home gig, I thought long and hard about having some flyers made up to see if I could steal away some of the neighborhood mowing. It seems like every family around here uses a different service. If I could have gotten 3 or 4 houses close by, it would have been easy cheesy. But like most of my million dollar ideas, that one never went too far.

Maybe it is time to revisit that idea.

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AMR said...

Mowing grass is the most rewarding of simple chores, imho. You look two feet behind you and you see what you've accomplished.

I'm picturing headphones and a couple of extra hours to yourself per week. I'm jealous.

In all seriousness, I could ride a tractor and mow fairways in my next life (when the kids are up and gone). Despite how loud mowers are, I find mowing very relaxing.