Tuesday, May 06, 2008

And speaking of things I don't want to hear my teenagers say,

we are finally moving out of the dark ages and sitting down to watch Juno this evening.

$1.08 movie review(s) to follow soon for this and several other movies we have watched lately. Just a hint, no redeeming social values will be found in any of these films...


The Father of Five said...

Mother of Five and I just watched Juno last week.

She did not like it all that much.

I on the other hand, I sorta liked it! The soundtrack fit the movie perfectly!!

AMR said...

As you already know, I loved it. The soundtrack is killer as well!

Because I ran XC/Track in hs and college, I'm a sucker for movies that make runners look . . . well, dorky, but worthy of cinematic attention!