Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Because the world means Texas.

On the way to swim lessons this morning, I spotted a Hyundai with that color shifting paint. As it was coming towards us, it looked hot pink. I pointed the pink car out to The Princess, but by the time it passed her window, it looked silver. I glanced in the rear view mirror a second later and it was driving off, looking mighty white.

The Princess was quiet sure did not see the pink car, so The Talker offered up his commentary about the pink/silver/white car:

"You know Sister, you don't seem many pink cars in our world. That is why they disguised it as a silver and white car. Maybe they are from California. Yep, that is a California car for sure."

Which is kind of funny, since I was sitting there thinking the same thing about Hyundai's with $10,000 paint jobs.


The Father of Five said...

Sort of like those "Pimp my Ride" cars from MTV..

You know.. the ones that take a car that is barley fit for the car-crusher, and give it ump-teen thousands of dollars worth of upgrades to the exterior, passenger interior, tires, paint, seats, a 60" plasma hi-def - PS3, refrigerator, guitar and amplifier, surfboards for on top - but don't do ANYTHING with the drivetrain??

25k worth of upgrades, and it's still going to stall out on the side of the road - useless!

Smart boy you have there... Keep him out of "Kalifornia" and the whole Hollywierd crew...

alanmoore78 said...

Ford tried the whole chameleon thing on paint jobs in the mid-90s. You'll still occasionally see what would otherwise look like any other peeled-clearcoat-encrusted Escort, Probe, or Mustang, but under all that white peeling crud is paint that shifts from pink to purple, or purple to green in different angles. I think they also had a blue and purple but I haven't seen one of these in so long I don't know. That's if you exclude the green-purple one driven on "In Plain Sight" on USA.