Thursday, June 05, 2008

The damage could be worse, but the timing could have been a WHOLE LOT better.

We have been having wicked winds for the last two days. Last night, while we were playing in the backyard, I noticed that the new canopy over the swings was tearing at the corners. Last summer it took weeks for a small tear to work all the way across the canvas.Not this year.

First day of summer break and the playscape is closed for renovations. For the time being, at least until the winds of hell recede, I'll just take the canopies down and we'll have to limit our playscape time to early mornings and evenings.
Design of Version 3.0 will begin shortly.

At least the kids slept until 8. Did I tell ya that?


LiteralDan said...

Wow, sleepin' in till 8-- life's just easier for some, isn't it? La-dee-da!

SherE1 said...

A little rip in the tarp would never stop my kids from playing outside. They'd probably just take some clothes pin holders and temporarily patch it up themselves. They're ingenious that way.

Sleeping in til 8??? *jealous* Did the kids go to bed at 3 AM? I'm lucky if mine sleep in until 6:30.

Mike said...

Ahem. I was asleep until 8:05. Of course, I was awakened with a 4 year old jumping on my groin.

Shere1 - See my kiddos, they are ingenious, too. But they would use the torn edges to find a way to rappel down the outside of the playscape or to strangle each other.

Or both at the same time.

So I think I'll just take the canopies down for now.

Anonymous said...

The dog is looking a little guilty, don't you think?

Terry said...

8:54....... But that is only on my days off..... 5am comes early in New York!!

Mike said...

There is a 5 AM?

Terry said...

Yes, iMike, it comes right after David Letterman.