Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Smoker FYI Part 4 - The Eating

This is another follow up to this morning's post about smoking a big fat one on my back porch.

I waited patiently on the meat... then I got hungry and finished cooking the brisket in the oven.

I was planning on serving our dinner at 7. After 6 and a half hours, by 7:45, it was looking like I might have to stay in the backyard all night, so we fired up the oven and ate brisket at 8:30. It was a late dinner, but worth the wait.

OK, so I was too hungry to make the plate pretty. Give me a break, OK? I skipped lunch for this feast. The final judgment? Not the best brisket I have ever eaten. But I have paid for worse.

I had some additional observations about my day, but hunger pains must have erased my memory. Maybe I'll remember after a late night snack.


Anonymous said...

that looks delicious!!!!

AMR said...

Ok, so you smoked a monster brisket on a Wednesday afternoon. How cool is that!!!

Anonymous said...

That is one righteous looking smoker. I gave my dad one of the cheaper rounded top deals (electric) a few years back. I don't think he's used it yet.

This sort of thing always looks like a wonderful thing that I'd enjoy, but then I also figure that there's no way I'd be able to stay around the house that long, so I don't bother.

But one of these days boy!

Russ said...

I'm a little late to the game, but late is better than never right?

I've never done brisket on the smoker. I want to try, but I've just never pulled the trigger on it. I can do some pork butt, and I do it about every other month.