Saturday, June 07, 2008

Upgrading the castle

Back when The Boss Lady and I bought our house, most of the backyard fence needed to be replaced. And some of it still does. One side had been recently replaced by the previous owners. Then the neighbor decided it was ugly, so she replaced that same fence 5 years later. Luckily, it was the longest side of our yard. But we knew the remaining fence would come smashing down on our dogs just any day.

So I set to make a few little repairs, to just bide some time, since we had just depleted our funds buying our first house.

Yeah, coat hanger wire. But it worked. That wire has been there for 9 years! And the fence never actually fell over.

Straight line winds took care of our back fence about a year later. I rebuilt that entire fence myself. It still stands and looks pretty good.

No this isn't the one I built. Smart ass.
(But you can see it in the background. Looks good, no?)

This weekend our 26 year old wooden marvel is coming down. To be replaced with a nice, new version that will hopefully last us another 26 years.

The best part, someone else is doing the work. Because I am busy doing my hair.

OK, those were actually from a couple of weeks ago, when The Princess and I were playing Beauty Shop.

Edit - I guess we are getting a good deal on the fence. The neighbor's brother is doing the work but evidently not today. I hung out here all morning to make sure the dog was inside one demolition started. But it is 2:45 pm and no fence work, yet.


Mama Dawg said...

Love the hair.

Anonymous said...


we're moving house completelly!
Simpler??? nah...

but hey!!!