Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swim Lessons and party time

While the kids were at swim lessons I met up with a neighbor and brought home her two boys. now there are 4 children from 3 to 9 years old in our house. I am seriously outnumbered!

The bouncer has already made it's debut,caused at least one round of crying and been deflated in favor of snack time in the air conditioning. The kids did manage to play outside until 11am, though. So I give them props for that. After all, it may only be 11, but it is already over 90 degrees.

In a less than an hour it will be hot enough outside to melt your face, so I guess we* will be playing inside from here on out. No sense in returning these extra kids with their faces melted off.

So I guess from here on out it is Legos, Star Wars on the PS2 and whatever fun I can find for this herd.

*we=they, since someone still has to go out into the blast furnace that is our backyard and fold the bouncer before it causes the grass to wilt. Wish me luck. But please don't hope that my face melts off.


Leighton @ My Best Investments said...

Please don't let your face melt.

Hey, I tagged you for a meme. Come on over and see.

The Father of Five said...

Ahhh... 4 in the house... Welcome to my world Mike!!

Then add the three neighbors for a total of 7!

I feel for you regarding the *we=they comment....

Guess who gets to clean up the yard after "we" (they) play all day and leave every toy they brought out in the yard??

So, today we felt like we had our first "Hot" day... Right now (10:30pm) it is 78 degrees... It was probability close to 85 degrees! How hot was it where you are at???? (Do I even want to know....)

See the fun is that in the winter we get the "Xtreme" weather... but now the tables are about to turn, and I shudder at hearing what your weather is like!