Monday, June 02, 2008

I think we just fed the beast!

The Boss Lady and I forgot about her family's unhealthy disposition with buying stuff through the mail and off of TV. And we let The Talker order a canteen. Off of the back of a Pop-Tarts box. Yep, quality parenting. I know.

It was supposed to be an exercise in money management and also we could show him that stuff you order might not end up as cool as you thought it, 6 weeks earlier.

But dang it, Pop-Tarts, you guys seem to have trumped our lessons.

First of all, when the boy went into his piggy bank to fork over the cash for his canteen, he was loaded. $5 didn't seem to leave much of a dent. So I took the rest of his money and filled up my car's gas tank. Not really, but that would have been cool.

Then, the wait was supposed to be 6 weeks or so. But I would bet we didn't send those proofs of purchase in any more than a month ago. Strike, two!

Finally, this thing was supposed to be junk. But the canteen is pretty cool. So I can't really go too far with trying to explain that he spent $5 on something that wasn't worth it. Especially since I want one now, too.

The Talker turned into a babbling goon when he saw it coming out of the box. Even now, he is sipping from the new canteen while he is eating a snack and watching a little TV. Maybe I'll steal it the next time I go work out at the YMCA.


TentCamper said...

OK, I guess I ca say tht I feel your pain, but the truth is that I think my better half and I are the culprits. We settlei at niht to watc some TV with some beer and wine. (after the kids are tucke in) Some nights are later than others. So I was feeling a bit buzzed when the Hoveroun commercial came on. I HAD TO HAVE ONE!! I insantly grabbed my phone and began dialing (while being hystarically laughed at.) Long story short,I was shut down as I did not "Qualify" to buy one. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

I've ordered an electronic drum-kit out of a Web TV add once... does it count???? lol

PRetty cool though! I reminded me of 10 years ago when I actually did a drum playing course thingy and it is good to know I've still got it... hehehehe

The Boy wants everything he sees on TV... it is hard enough got keep my mother from buying him whatever he wants... aiai... :)


Terry said...

I have all kinds of stuff that the Talker can order, I will even post it on the computer, if he needs visual stimulation.. I needs the gas money, and the stuff I purchased didn't turn out near as well as this canteen did!