Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time flies

Yesterday was another day when my services were not required at Vacation Bible School. So I came home and took a nap.

There. I said it.

I took a nap at 9:45 in the morning. But all that is really important is that I made it back to pick the kids up ON TIME. Because napping past noon on a perfectly good weekday would have just been soooooo wrong.

When I was picking up the kids, a random mom asked me how old The Princess is.

"She is five.

Oh? She sure is petite.

Nope. She is bigger than most of her friends."

Five minutes after we left I realized that my daughter is bigger than most of her friends. Since they are 4.

And so is she.


postulatesandpasttimes said...


Have you been rifling through my medicine chest again?


HA! My dad can never remember how old I am either...

Grace said...

Oh my goodness...THAT is a good one. Ya think you were a wee bit sleepy at that moment?