Tuesday, June 17, 2008

'Tater turmoil

Back when the garden was looking promising, I had high hopes for a huge crop of potatoes. Not this year though.

I just pulled the vines up and harvested the last three potatoes of the year. That brings the grand total to six potatoes for the season. Not six pounds. Six 'taters. All smaller than a golf ball.

Harvesting six potatoes a season would still be worth the hassle, since they are soooooooo tasty and I loves them so much., except for one thing. I planted NINE potatoes to get six back, three months later. And the ones I planted in March were bigger.

Next season, potatoes go in the ground earlier. Valentine's Day, according to my dad. Ever the optimist in all things veggie gardening, now I can hardly wait until the Spring.

Until then, I guess I am looking at a long winter of store bought 'taters.

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