Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's hot! So I am leaving.

The wife and kids are staying in town this weekend. Someone has to keep the heat company. But me? I am headed for the coast. Nothing like a little salt water fishing to make the summer blues melt away.

It is likely too hot for the fish, too. But at least I will be 3 hours away when The Mother of the Bride comes to visit.

For. The. Entire. Weekend.

And besides, just because I go fishing for the weekend, does not mean I actually have to fish, does it?

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The Father of Five said...

Oh, Phuleese...

"Fishing", "Hunting", "Camping" "Snowmobiling" (or "ATV") weekends are ALL ABOUT the beer and cigars... Throw in a little fishing, hunting, camping, etc... and some guy comradely for good measure, and you'll be able to keep your conscious clear!

Gulf Coast fishing???

Interesting.. We always hear about the "dead zone" and all the crap we do up here, and how it's making the Gulf of Mexico a virtual wasteland of ocean... Is there some good fishing down there? What do you fish for out there.. Marlin?

Well Mike... Be sure to have at least one cold one for your buddy up north... and smoke a premium one for me too! Once they are gone, one last favor - hook a trophy for me!

Have a safe trip!