Monday, June 23, 2008

The countdown begins.

The Boss Lady will be off for her summer break in 9 and a half hours. 11 days of bonding with the kiddos and wondering where AtHomeDaddy is hiding. I'll give you a hint. Bet I won't be spotted in the kitchen. Or the laundry room.

Actually, we are quite possibly the most boring family in the entire history of the universe. During her time off we are making a trip up to Ft Worth this weekend and a couple of day trip to the coast, to catch all the fish I missed 2 days ago. In other words, the only exotic places we will see this summer are places that we have abeen in the past month to see people we have already seen this week.

But the kids SLEEP at both locations. And we have spent a lot of sleepless nights on road trips.

OK, The Boss has spent a lot of sleepless nights on road trips, trying to get the kids settled enough to sleep in a different bed. I usually find some way to catch a few Zzzzzzzzs. That is what allergy meds are for, right?

Instead we will will find lots of adventures around here. Lots of park and museum visits. Eating out at the finest Chich-Fil-A's and driving downtown to check out the arsonists work at the Texas Governor's mansion. All that fun stuff.

Maybe we will travel more than just to grandma's house when the kids sleep at night. Or when gas goes back down to a couple of bucks a gallon. Until then, the boring summers continue.

Just the way we like 'em.

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Anonymous said...


Rule #1 of travelling for me: There must be comfortable, and if possible, separate, sleeping arrangements for us and the kids!

Don't feel bad, I'm the same way. I'll take predictable and same-old, and by defination, tried and true, over unpredictable and exciting any day!