Monday, August 04, 2008

Are you calling me chicken?

Have I told you about my newest obsession? I want chickens.

Just a small flock of chickens to lay some eggs. But real live chickens none the less. I'll have a coop, but I want them to be able to cruise around in the yard, when we are out there too. Call it pesticide free bug control.

Racecar Man's family raised chicks in their backyard a couple of times a year or two ago. But those chickens moved onto a farm before they started laying eggs. I want to buy some grown chickens and have fresh eggs with breakfast lunch and dinner. Cholesterol levels be damned!

So I have spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time this summer planning for our flock that should roost here some time this fall, when it isn't 1000 degrees outside.

Sometime before Racecar Man's kids had chickens, they had rabbits. The last of the rabbits was in our care for a couple of weeks, while they are traveling. As for me, I do not know what rabbit meat tastes like so I have no desire to raise rabbits. And after this morning, I think it will stay that way.

The kids and I scootered down the street this morning to feed the bunny rabbit. We searched high and low for the rabbit, since he likes to hide in the shade of their bushes. But the rabbit wasn't in the shade, oh no.

Yep, The Princess found the ex-rabbit. Dead as a door nail. Which seems to happen when something bites your head off of your body. I was going to call Minnesota 911, but I couldn't remember their phone number.

Now it is like Law and Order, Dead Bunny Inspectors Unit around here. All day long the kids have chatted up the dead rabbit. Trying to figure out how it happened. They have compiled a list of the bunnies known enemies and a database of animals that might have held a grudge against the rabbit.

Anyways, The Talker just lowered the boom on me. "Dad, you know, whatever ate the bunny might eat your chickens, too."

So now I have to obsess a little more. I guess I need a predator proof chicken coop, first. Or maybe I can train Kodak to be the first Great Pyrenees chicken protection dog.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I added you to my chickenny linking post!!

Hi from SpeedyCat

The Father of Five said...

Minnesota 911 would have told you... (and I quote)

"Dude, that is so Chupacabra...

Anonymous said...

Leave it to the youngins to state the obvious, which oftentimes we adults tend to overlook.

He's totally right though.
I'm betting kyoats.

My dobermans found that our "way back in the woods" neighbors were raising bunnies in cages about four feet off the ground one year when I was a teen. You cannot imagine the frenzy this put them in. They killed one of the bunnies. Snagged it somehow through the chicken wire and pulled it clean through!

Took both my dad and I to drag the dogs home!

AMR said...

Cool that you are allowed a coop in your neighborhood. We specialize in Tyson chicken monstrosities in these parts of NC. Chicken farming may be in your future.