Friday, August 22, 2008

Here chicky, chicky!

The kids and I have spent the last day of summer going to the birds. After a few stops, we ended up buying six chicks at the last (as far as I can find) real farm and ranch store in Austin, Callahan's General Store.

The woman working with with the chicks took tons of time with the kids to explain what the different breeds would be like as adults and to remind them that these are only 2 day old birds, so they need to handled softly. The kids even got quizzed on what chicks need to survive.

I am sure we could have paid less for each chick elsewhere, but these all looked healthy and content. Plus, after all of that attention from Chicken Store Lady, I decided running around any further would just waste gas.

We are now the proud owners of 6 baby chicks. 3 Light Brahmas and 3 Buff Orpingtons. At this point, the chicks are unnamed. Following the advice of Chicken Store Lady, the kids have decided to wait and make sure that the chicks survive at least a few days before the naming commences. We shall see how long they actually wait.

These girls are really cute and fluffy. Just like you would expect 2 day old chicks to be. So onto the pics.

Sure is a lot of mess for only being home 15 minutes!

One Light Brahma chick (right in the center) and the three Buff Orpingtons

One of the Light Brahma chicks is noticeably darker.

A closeup of a 2 day old Light Brahma chick.

Closeup of a 2 day old Buff Orpington chick.

The queen on her throne.

After I snapped this picture, we decide to set up the giant dog crate to give all of the pets a little time to get to know each other while minimizing the risk of carnage.

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