Saturday, August 23, 2008

Corvette Day!

Back on my birthday, I hollered at my neighbor across the street that he should reward my surviving another year by letting me drive the convertible Corvette that sleeps in his garage. It's a fun car to watch go up and down the street. But that is pretty much as close as I had ever gotten to this or any other 'Vette.

Excepting of course, Rick's high school CheVette that I successfully rode shotgun in for many a mile.

Last week my neighbor borrowed my junkin' found/recently repaired power washer. So turn about is fair play, right? I loan you a $10 tool. You loan me a $30,000 car. You use my power washer to prep your house for paint, I leave a coating of tire rubber throughout the neighborhood.

Racecar Man and I took the 'Vette for a cruise this morning. We rode for 25 miles or so, mostly keeping it near the speed limit. A nice mix of highway and side street action. Several times I let traction control do it's job and keep us from spinning out the car. That is why they installed it, right?

After we drained the gas tank, I dropped off Racecar Man and The Talker and I ran to get a little gas. It was awesome watching the sheer joy on the boy's face as we cruised, maybe a little quickly, through town. Even though Racecar Man and I did the lion's share of the cruising, I am pretty sure The Talker enjoyed his Corvette ride more than the other two of us combined!

By the time the boy is old enough to drive, American Muscle cars will have surely gone the way of the dodo. So hopefully, he will get another chance or two at this car in the future.

For the record, The Princess was having a playdate with a neighbor and she could not be bothered to take a ride. So don't hassle me about gender equality in cruising or anything like that.

In the end, I returned A corvette. Actually, I borrowed this one too, from Law Talking Guy's daughter. But I think it is a pretty good swap for everyone.

Just don't tell my neighbors, OK?


Anonymous said...

nice switch!!! lol!!!

Terry said...

When Rick first got his Charger, my Father and I took it for a nice cruise....Dad left rubber in three areas of town...Me, only twice!!

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Sanders, I don't think that you own this car. Does your Daddy know your out speeding through the neighborhoods of Burleson?"
You better be glad that you didn't let me talk to your neighbor first! Man, I would have told him of the stories of your evil racing days! Not forgetting to mention the jellybean incident on 35!

Rick said...

Rick is Jealous!

Mike said...

I'll bare my shame, and that of my neighbor, now.

It's. An. Automatic.

But it will still spin the tires.

Mike said...

NO tickets and NO jellybeans. Or cops.

For the record, I have never gotten another warning, only tickets.