Thursday, August 07, 2008

I used to be a backyard gardener...

Ever get a song stuck in your head? I suspect most of us have. For once I don't have a kid's song stuck, it is a good ol' Guy Clark song, Hanging Your Life on the Wall.

But I don't even have the benefit of singing the entire song to myself, I have one verse jammed on continual replay in my noggin.

I used to have a smokin' little fastball
I sure could show 'em some stuff
Now I can't even make it on the
church team anymore
I guess I'm finally through foolin' myself
This is all I have heard for about a week now. Of course, I am to blame. About two weeks ago, when the Wii came to visit, I needed to reset the audio and video systems in both the living room and The Boss Lady's bedroom. I brought my 200 disc CD player out of the bedroom, where it went months without use. Now that the singing beast is back in the living room, I have been listening to all of my great Guy Clark CDs. And that seems to be all I am listening to.

Anyways, I guess I am done foolin' myself about the garden. We had some good years and lots of great watermelons come out of there. But this year it was just a big chore wrapped up in hot and brown leaves. There was no fun out there. So I am retiring the garden plot. Or at least taking a hiatus for a few seasons.

The garden plot has looked horrible since July and I just couldn't face the clean-up that it needed. I didn't get enough veggies to make a good salad this summer. So the garden has sat out there all summer long, un-watered and neglected.

I yanked out all of the dead veggies this morning. For the time being I am leaving a few herb plants that SHOULD come back with some attention and water.

Adios 'maters,

and purple beans.

That tomato plant was begging to be put out of it's misery.

The sage, sweet basil and spearmint stay.
For now.

The onions get a pass.
They are heirloom plants, so I'll find somewhere for them.

Next up for the garden plot? Tonka trucks. The Talker is psyched to have that much free access to the dirt pile. I even took the gate off of the garden fence today, so the dog is getting dirt access, too. I know I'll regret that decision if it ever rains again.

So in the fall I am planning to use about half of the space for my chickens. I am hoping to build a coop that I can move around, so that the chicks can help fertilize the ground, in case I get stupid and try to garden again.

And next spring? Dunno. Veggies in a big garden plot? Seems unlikely from here.

Oh, and a side note. I once got asked, very politely, NOT to play anymore on our church softball team. Yep, I really was that bad.


Love Bears All Things said...

Hey Mike,
I got your note of thanks and you're so welcome. I'm happy I could help someone with such a simple suggestion. Cleaning the microwave should be so much easier now.
Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

My patch doesn't start looking quite that bad till about September, although due to some neglect with tomatoe stakes, it may happen early this year.

The song stuck in my head of late comes from our old childhood friend, "The Music Machine" and it's the "Bees make honey and it sure tastes good..." song!

I may have to throw on some Sir Mix-A-Lot on the turntable and get something a little more PG running through my head.

Unknown said...

looks just like my garden which took a shit on me after being neglected during our 10 day the herbs have gone to seed, the sunflowers are crooked, the tomatoes burnt and the peppers ridden with bugs.

ah, gardening is good for the soul, right?

Mike said...

Right greg,

But I feel ripped of. I didn't even get a vacation out of the deal. It just went from ready to grow to looking dead and busted in about a week. While we were in town the entire time.

Anonymous said...

I did gardenning once... :)
not my thing...