Sunday, August 24, 2008

The end of summer.

The chicks are a little young, but I could not resist letting the kids see them out in the yard for a few minutes this evening. The chickens were out for 5 minutes or less. But the kids had a great time. A pretty good way to finish off the last evening of summer.

Right after that kids and chicks, headed in to get ready for bed. Though it does not seem to be a cheap way to get fresh eggs, These little chickens are pretty mesmerizing.

By the way, someone on YouTube messaged me to let me know that I have "THE WQRST!!!" videos on YouTube. Since they have like 15 gazillionty vids over there, I quess it is an honor to have the wqrst!!!


Anonymous said...

I thought the last sentence was going to be something like, "The little chics were scratching around the yard and the kids were having a great time...and then a hawk swooped down and snatched one out of the grass and carried it off to its doom!"

That would have been cool!

Anonymous said...

so cute... :)