Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chicken Tractor Part 2

OK, after I slept on it, I am not giving up on the idea of my chicken tractor. I think I'll have to buy a decent set of wheels, but This thing is definitely movable. I drug it around in the yard, trying to find a nice shady spot to work on it.

It is a lot taller than the chicken tractors I was checking out online, but this is going to work out great for the kids to walk in and help with the birds. And in the end, if it is just too heavy to move around, it should be big enough to use as a permanent coop.

I still need to build the hen house in the far end and add the chicken wire.

It is likely over built, but since I hope to be moving it around the yard, I need it to be sturdy.

I can probably lose a few pounds if I remove the the diagonal slats on the roof. I added some cross braces inside and I don't know that these are really helping.

The entire chicken coop, except of one box of nails, was built out of lumber and hardware that I have scavenged from other projects. This far I am only $6 and about 5 hours of labor into the coop.

Once I buy a sheet of plywood to build the hen house, a set of wheels and the wire for the sides, I think I'll have about $50 invested. And our first eggs are still several months away....

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