Sunday, August 31, 2008

News from the chicken coop

After waiting a week and a half, the kids broke down today and decided to name their chicks. The Light Brahma chicks are marked much differently, thus we can tell them apart. The Buff Orpingtons are all the same color and differences in their markings are much harder to see. There are two that I cannot tell apart. One has a much more prominent comb developing.

Evidently the way it works is this: The Light Brahmas are named. The Buffs have names that are to be assigned to a specific chick at a later date. I don't really understand the system, but trying to rationalize matters like this with my kids is a lot like trying to get me not to pick up a new hobby every two months...

The Light Brahmas -

Nightlight, has the darkest markings on her head and back
Moonlight, has medium markings
Starlight, markings on her head are barely visible

The Buff Orpingtons -

#1 Brier Rose
#2 Hannah Rose
#3 Garden Rose

By the way, I'll get a few pictures added later, when I am on my computer. For now I am on The Boss' laptop and watching NASCAR. So the pics will wait.

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