Sunday, August 17, 2008

Doom, Despair and First Grade on me

This is the official start of the official final week of summer.

It's been hot, like all summers should be. It has been long (mainly due to the heat), like a good summer should. And hopefully, if you ask the kids, it has been fun. But if you are going to ask the kids, wait unlit next weekend, OK?

Friday, we were going to kick off The Final Week '08 a couple of days early, with a trip down to the Dinosaur Museum. Why there? Because reasons, three. Reason the first, the kids like it. Reason the second, it is free. Reason the neither first nor second, payday is a week away. I figured we could scrape together a few bucks to pay for parking in the garage next door.

The Princess fell asleep in the car. So the boy and I headed to even free-er pastures, the Texas State Capitol. Why there? For all the same reasons as above, plus, there is a visitor's parking garage that is free. The Princess awoke in the free parking garage and knew immediately that she had been duped. "But, I wanna see de dina-sawers! We always see de capi-dull!"

We had already parked, and The Talker was dead set on seeing his favorite Davey Crockett painting, so we cruised the capitol grounds. The Princess "forgot" her socks and ended up with blisters on her feet, so I was more tired than the kids, after the tour. Something about climbing endless stairs with a 35pound wiggling creature on your shoulders that can make one tire easily.

After we spotted the setting for the totally famous (in our house anyways), film shoot for Spy Kids 3D, we bailed on the capitol. Next time we will have to take some snacks for the world's friendliest squirrels. No, not the state senators, they aren't in session.

Monday morning we are off to the dino museum. Why? Simply because I am afraid to defy the girl's wishes twice in one week.

Thursday, it is free day at the Blanton museum of Art. At some point this week we will hit up the free water park across town and we will make use of our Children's Museum family pass. It should all add up to a busy, but fun week for the boy to talk about in the first grade.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to the Talker in first grade! I bet he's going to love it!

Anonymous said...

Ah, free entertainment (other than the price of gas and burgers!). That's pretty great stuff!

Anonymous said...

In these moments I am happy I've only got one! Afraid enough of his wishes! And they tend to be quite expensive (definitely took after his mum).

don;t remind me of first week of school... haven't even gone as far as buying uniforms yet... that will drive me NUTS!