Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Clay play!

We spent part of the morning putting the D'oh in Play-doh.

The kids wanted to play with play-doh and we are down to one can of half dried turquoise. There are only so many things one can make with a single color of clay, much less if that color is turquoise.

So what to do when dad has a migraine and the clay supply is low? Time to raid the kitchen! We made our own pink and orange dough this morning. The kids had fun mixing and cooking. And the novelty of hand-made play-doh is buying me some nice quiet time.

The whole process only took about 5 minutes from mixing to playing, using a recipe I found over here.

The only downside? Play-doh is cheap at Target. There is a big bonus, too. When you buy it, you don't have to clean up the mess left behind by 6 and 4 year old helpers.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if this is the very same recipe, but I can still distinctly remember the smell of freshly made play d'oh that we made once in Sunday School when I was a kid.

Ah, good memories. Thanks!

Oh, sorry for the migraine...few things are as miserable as that.

Surfer Jay said...

The wonderful thing about homemade playdoh is that it is totally edible. The other wonderful thing about homemade playdoh is that it totally cleans your hands just prior to eating it.

Anonymous said...

is it really edible????
not sure I wanna try it tho!! :) lol
and don;t wanna try cooking some as well... something to do with me not liking to clean up the kitchen afterwards.. .:)