Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Butterscotch, the over achiever and all the other hens.

Today was only our second day to collect 3 eggs from our three hens. As the old hens at say, they "paid the rent".

I guess Butterscotch is wanting to make up for not helping out with the rent for the last month. She laid two eggs today! It is a feat that is not common, but, sort of like a double yolk egg, happens occasionally. More so with a hen that is just starting to lay eggs.

We locked all of the girls in the outdoor coop at 8:30 this morning, as The Princess and I were headed to preschool. There were no eggs in the hen house. This all new and exciting, so I bet the kids check at least 10 times a day!

Once we got home from school, the chicks free ranged in the backyard we left for dinner and church. At some point this afternoon I saw Butterscotch heading into the hen house again. It is hot out there, so I just assumed she was heading for better shade.

Home from church, I let the birds out for a little more free ranging in the yard. Then I noticed the egg in the hen house. Butterscotch's eggs are bigger and the shell color is lighter than the other hens. So I am sure she pulled double duty today!

An aside: The teachers at the preschool got together and surprised me with an un-birthday party, since my real birthday falls during the summer. I was loaded up with gift cards to Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Wally's Burger Express (where the french fries call my name...) and The Alamo Draft House (a local first run movie theater and restaurant all in one). They packaged all that, and some good Dr Pepper stuff in an antique chicken carrier. They signed a group card "from all of Mr. Mike's Chicks."

It is allergy season, and I have felt miserable for days on end. But isn't it curious that I felt a ton better after a bunch of women made a huge fuss over me all day?

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