Saturday, May 09, 2009

Don't put all you eggs in the hands of a klutz

What is this?

If you guess that it is the remains of a whole grain, farm-fresh, cage free, hormone free, free range egg, then you would only be half correct. That is in fact the remains of TWO whole grain, farm-fresh, cage free, hormone free, free range eggs. And they were the last eggs in the house. Eggs that were supposed to go onto my breakfast plate after we returned from an early soccer game.

When we got home from the game, Neighbor Grandma, in town from Iowa, came over to check out the hens and to pick up a half a dozen eggs. No worries there, since I had one egg left in the kitchen and Fillet was, at that moment, laying another egg in the hen house. I still had plenty of eats for my delayed breakfast.

The kids like sausage, so I started cooking that up while I was waiting on Fillet to deliver the goods. Once the kids were eating, I started cooking my own sausage and I cracked the first egg into the skillet.

And yet somehow I missed the skillet. Egg all over the stove top. When I turned to reach for a rag, the final piece of my breakfast puzzle slid out of my hand and onto the kitchen floor. The egg that Fillet had just given me 3 minutes earlier. Stained concrete floors are not kind to eggs, even incredibly fresh eggs, so I lost out on two eggs in about 5 seconds.

Leaving me with a skillet of sausage to eat and several egg goo covered rags in the sink. So I am off to eat my sausage and pout. Here is hoping you breakfast was delivered fresh, hot AND on a plate, not on the floor.

For the record, counting the two I dropped, we are now up to 5 dozen eggs. And that brings the total cost down to a nice, reasonable $4.66 per egg. At least I did not waste any $5 eggs...

But the moral of this fiasco? It is a simple life lesson, really. Nothing good ever comes from soccer played too early in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

Damn right! Wet grass sticking to your shoes...wearing kids out too early in the day so that they've fully recovered by noon.

Nope, mid-morning to late afternoon are the best times in my opinion.