Friday, May 22, 2009

Garden update

I hope my fruits and veggies turn out better than the photos.

I noticed tonight that we have cantaloupe and watermelons on the vine. So I decided to make a quick walk through the garden with the camera. Out of 50 or more photos I shot, one turned out decent. And it was not even a picture of the melons.

Peppers and green beans are coming in sporadically. I have only gotten one good serving of green beans this season.

There are tons of tomatoes on the vine right now, too. But tomatoes are nasty. They only grow in my garden because I am a smart enough man to grow really great tomatoes (that my wife dearly loves.)

Hopefully we will be macking down on some July 4th watermelons this year.


Cale said...

Reading your post makes me really miss my garden. Dreams of amazing farm stands in PA are what's keeping me going. I weighed 'em and I think I got nearly 3.5 pounds of green beans out of the garden before we moved. I planted them earlier than I ever have this year- on March 1st- because of listing the house. It took me three tries to get all the spaces filled in because the soil was still a tad on the cool side so germination was sparse, but once I got 'em going they produced great. Try getting yours in as early as you can next year before the hot weather takes hold. They stop blooming when temps get too warm and we seem to warm up earlier and earlier every year. Thanks for the update!

Rick said...

I do not yet have any cantaloupes on the vine yet. My tomatoes, squash, and peppers have only just started showing themselves as of Friday. I have a total of 10 tommys of two varities and 6 squash. Hoping to see some fried okra soon.

When did you plant? I didn't get my stuff in the ground until two weeks after Easter. We had a good cold spell right around Easter.

The Father of Five said...

I'll be down for some BLT's as soon as you have a pig or two in that backyard farm of yours!!