Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Spring of the monkeys

The Boss Lady leaves town this morning for a three day conference in Boston. So we are on our own for about 100 hours or so.

Beware, the smells and clutter overflowing from our house in the next few days might be enough to set off a new pandemic. Nice case of Dad Flu, anyone?

We are well stocked for the rest of the week. The kids and I hit the grocery store yesterday, so will be dining like Pop Tart kings. And if those get tiring, we have several bags of goldfish crackers. Of course, there is also an emergency case of Dr Pepper in the kitchen. See? We will not starve.

Now will we clean the house while The Boss Lady is MIA? That is highly doubtful. Instead I am counting on a last minute cleaning rush job at 5 o' clock on Saturday afternoon. Just trying to be realistic with our plans for the week, you know.


Russ said...

Three days? That's it? My Boss Lady is gone for four days this week, but usually disappears for a week at a clip! Done pissing. It sucks having the backup gone for multiple days.

Mike said...

Russ, my only defense is that this is an out of the ordinary thing, so I am fairly inexperienced in the solo dad gig.

You are correct. Loads of other guys do it all the time. And I bet we will survive, too.

But the house will be a wreck in three days. I am willing to bet on that.

orlund said...

last minute cleaning at 5 o'clock? I would go out for dinner and get a maid to do the cleaning.