Monday, May 04, 2009

I dunno.

"What is next for you, now that The Princess is starting elementary school?" is a question I hear a lot these days. Evidently I should have a plan for the future in place already. But I don't. I have some good ideas and a few pipe dreams, but nothing is set in stone (or even in sinking sand).

Almost 7 years ago I became a full time stay at home dad. We just jumped in with both feet, none of us really knew what the heck we were doing. And back then, we never really discussed when the gig would end. Even when kid #2 came along, we still had no exit strategy in place.

Several times over the years, this SAHD thing has kicked me in the butt. And I have wondered lots of times along the way if I was the man for the job. But it never seemed like a good time to pack it in and no job offer ever fell in my lap that would pay the same money that The Boss Lady was bringing home. Only once or twice have I actively gone out looking. But the best option always seemed for me to keep on as a Stay at Homer.

Before The Princess was born, I realized that I was pretty much in this SAHD thing for the long haul. I would be with them full time at least until they were set up in elementary school. Now, that day will be here in 3 and a half months. But the reality is, I am not going anywhere.

The Boss Lady works too far from the house to come back for forgotten lunches and after school club meetings. Besides that, she has 700 kids to worry about each school day. So I think that stuff is going to continue to be mine to cover. Plus, one of us is going to have to be available for last minute sick kids and days off from school. Seems like my calendar is filling up quickly.

So the short answer: I am not going anywhere. The Princess will be off at school with her big brother. And if you need me, you'll be able to get hold of me right here, at home. Where I belong.


Valerie - NE Ohio said...

We were right with you! Our youngest entered kindergarten last Fall and my husband is STILL a SAHD. With sick days, Dr. appts, errands, chores, and the many partial school days for Teacher training, it works out better to have DH at home! I work an hour away from our home, so I am away 10 hr. a day. My DH is making my time at home in the evening more about maximizing my/our quality time with the kids and less about doing housework. I fully support your decision! No one asks a SAHM what she will do when the kids are in school full time!

Working Mother of 5 and 7 yr. old,

Otter Thomas said...

You will have more time for the chickens.