Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just call me Farmer Fumble Fingers

The three eggs we gathered this afternoon.

The Princess was excited when she discovered three eggs in the hen house, after we got home from school. It is still pretty rare that all three hens lay at the same time. The Princess wanted me to take a picture of the eggs in the hen house.

After photos, I told the girl to scoot out of the way, so I could gather the eggs and take them into the kitchen. I guess I should have let her carry them.

I managed to trip on my own feet while walking to the 'fridge. I grabbed on tight to the camera, to keep it from hitting the floor. No harm to the camera, but all three eggs bit the dust. Luckily, Kodak the Cleaning Machine was up to the task, and the mess was contained quickly.


Grace said...

Oh no! At least you have a photo of the eggs, eh?

Otter Thomas said...

Such tragedy. All the hard work and then broken eggs.

The Father of Five said...

This is not the first time...

a.) You dropped the fresh eggs.


b.) admitted to it here.

When can we start calling you "butterfingers"?

orlund said...

I am not much of a farmer so excuse me if this isn't the brightest question but how many eggs does a chicken normally lay? My wife wants chickens some day and I like the idea of fresh eggs.

Mike said...

Standard sized chickens generally lay one egg a day. They might only lay five or six a week, taking a day or two off.

So with our three hens, we are getting about 18 eggs a week.

orlund said...

18 eggs a week, so 3 chickens would be plenty then. Now the only thing holding us back is city by laws. Apparently there was a group pushing to change the bylaws but they got turned down.