Thursday, May 07, 2009

Single parents rule!

I just gotta say, a day and a half into a three and a half day solo gig and my ass is whipped.

I have no clue how single parents handle it. Especially if they are able to keep any semblance of order and sanity in their lives. I am staring at two more days and then a reprieve. Even so, it may take me a week to recover.

Cannot imagine how sloppy my life would be if reinforcements were not arriving in less than 48 hours. So Kudos! to the single parents out there. You rock!

And if someone can offer advice on how to keep the 5 year old from putting the cat into the bathtub WITH her, I would appreciate the help. Or at least some quality input on bandage technique.


orlund said...

Let her put the cat in once, just once...ok maybe that is not such a good idea.

I am a little afraid when my daughter tries that. She already has had a few scratches. She now keeps her distance a little.

boss lady said...

OK, so maybe buying the book: Bad Kitty Gets a Bath wasn't a good idea. Especially the week after we really did give him a bath. Just imagine the damage if he had those front claws, too. So sorry, Princess! As for you, Old Man, you deserve whatever you get.

Mike said...

Wasn't him. Was the claw enabled calico. No idea how either one escaped unscathed.

Russ said...

I was just busting your chops Mike! (I think you knew that.) It ain't easy, but it can be fun. My wife is returning today. (and the heavens sang a song.)