Monday, March 07, 2005

AtHomeDaddy's Last Hobby

It is official. The Truck will be AtHomeDaddy's last obsession. For a while.

The Boss Lady had to take today off of work, to watch the kids. I have been sick all weekend with a sinus and respiratory infection. Nobody in this house has been totally well this past week. But I seem to have gone down the hardest. Maybe it was all of the quality time with the parents, this weekend.

While waiting for an afternoon Dr's appointment, I was telling The Boss Lady about a set of 1968 truck license plates that I had bid on, on eBay.

Ever have one of those life altering moments? When you know you have passed some invisible point of no return. The Boss Lady's face said that I had just gone there. And past.

So I swore an oath.

Five years. No new hobbies. The Princess will be in Kindergarten. The Talker will be in second grade. Maybe the truck will be back on the road.

And maybe, in five years, The Boss Lady won't be mad at me anymore.


Chip said...

Hey, she should be happy that your hobby is rebuilding an old truck. Think about the "hobbies" that a lot of guys have: drinking, gambling, "going out"...

Mike said...

"drinking, gambling, "going out"..."

Yeah, The Boss Lady ought to slow it down a little. Her hobbies that you listed are allsdng expensive!