Thursday, March 10, 2005

AtHomeFam Mysteries

The Talker has a really funky shaped bruise, right over his backbone, in the middle of his back. It is weird looking and troublesome. Not for him. He does not even seem to notice, but it is bugging the boys parents.

We have no clues about where or when or how it happened.

Now the bruise on The Princess' leg? We know about that one. It involved an older brother and a pink plastic toy princess castle. The castle won, The Princess cried and The Talker did a stint in time-out.

Other mysteries we have recently dealt with:

Why is the dog coughing like that? And is it going to be expensive to make him stop doing it?

What the hell was that moldy @#$(* growing in the microwave. Was that why our microwave smelled like death re-heated? And should you really touch something that has been nuked 3000 times with your bare hands? Well, someone had to do it. Glad The Boss Lady caved first!

And finally, who keeps leaving clean, but unfolded clothes piled up in the dining room? Don't you think he would be considerate enough to fold the pile, eventually? And can the whole family cram onto one side of the dining table in order to see the 6pm re-run of The Simpson's while we eat, since we can't see over the growing pile of clothes?

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