Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dishes, dishes everywhere, not a cup to drink

How can four people go through so many dishes in one day?

I ran the dishwasher yesterday afternoon. For dinner I cooked some of the world's worst spaghetti. Which is really hard to make, if you hate spaghetti as much as I do. And this morning? Dishes in the sink, dishes on the counter and dishes on the dining table. Not to mention the pots on the stove. Heck, there might have even been more dishes in the pots...

So The AtHomeTrio's first adventure for the day involved emptying and reloading the dishwasher. Very exciting stuff, when you have a one year old wanting to help unload the knives and plates from the lower shelf. And a three year old wanting to sort the silverware into the drawer. Without Help.

He washed his hands first, right? You betcha. Yeah, right. And don't even ask where his hands have been this morning. We don't want to know. I just want the dishes put away. And to stay away.

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