Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Weekend Just Keeps Going

Friday, The entire AtHomeFamily went grocery shopping. You would think that two adults who each grocery shop for the family could make this a quick trip. It drove me nuts. The Boss Lady walks the aisles in a different route than I do, and she buys different stuff. It was weird. But at least she had to backtrack a couple of times. I always seem to miss something, too.

We all survived the grocery run, so the kids and the wife played inside and in the backyard, while I played in the driveway. Actually, they got most of the house cleaned, while I made a big mess.

The Boss Lady is good like that. After 2 1/2 years at home, I still rarely get anything cleaned up while both kids are awake. She can make cleaning the living room exciting enough that both kids will pitch in a little. I have to wait until one of them is asleep and the other is occupied. Then I try a quick strike. Getting one room clean, or one chore done. I can get several things done each day, this way.

Last night, we walked the neighborhood and visited with Racecar Man and his family. The kids had a blast playing in their yard and The Boss Lady got to talk about something other than trucks for a few minutes.

This morning, we are heading out to a friend's house for a multi family Easter egg hunt. Last year, I skipped out, so The Boss Lady could see her friends and hang out with the boy for a while, before The Princess arrived. But it turned out that I was the only husband/daddy to skip out. So I'll be going this year. Egg hunting and lunch. Two of my favorite activities!

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