Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Road Trip Update

Our summer Road Trip plans have not really progressed much, but we have been getting deluged with travel information from lots of states.

I am still pushing for the Mt Rushmore trip. And you know what, it is hard to work Mt Rushmore into casual conversation on a daily basis! I have to keep mentioning it, so The Boss Lady will eventually give in. Yessiree, that's the way we work around here. Don't knock it.

But first, we need to find out why the @#*&^(*& check engine light keeps coming on while we are running around town in the Windstar. Or maybe we can just leave it by the side of the road in Wyoming. Can you spell 'insurance fraud'?


Thanks to Rick, for reminding me about AutoZone reading electronic codes. We were there before 9:30 this morning. Showed a vac leak, but no idea where. A quick trip by our repair shop, and the owner found it, in about a minute. I knocked a vac hose loose when I changed the air filter a couple of weeks ago. It finally worked itself completely off.

Best of all, no charge!


Rick said...

Aren't car computers great! Well assuming you can find someone to read it {for free}, and then fix the problem {for free}!

Mike said...

Of course, we did just drop a couple of grand over there two weeks ago. I guess they can spot me a freebie once in a while.