Monday, March 28, 2005

Day Four...

of the last long wekend before summer.

Saturday morning we all went to the easter egg hunt. The kids had a blast and it was awesom to see some of our old friends from church. We have all scattered to different areas, some teaching teens or in the nursery and some. like me, just getting older and moving to the "Older Class". Of course, hanging out with these guys makes me want to go back to the old group, so that might happen soon.

On the way to the hunt, The Boss Lady informed me that she and The Talker did not attend last year's festivities. Not that it matters to you, but I believe in full disclosure.

Sunday morning, we were off to church and it was chilly when we got home. So The Easter Bunny slept in. The kids went Easter Egg hunting in the front yard, after naps. They made a pretty good haul. Good for daddy, becasue someone has to eat all of that chocolate.

Today, we are hanging out at home. I might play with the truck a little bit, but no money will be spent on it. At least I can snack on candy while I am out there.

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Chip said...

Be careful of that candy! You don't want to get sugar poisoned like I did... I swear, next year it's carrots and tofu in the easter baskets!