Monday, March 21, 2005

Here we go again

The Boss Lady is back to work, after her week off for Spring Break. Except for the whole sick/dying/dead dog thing, I had a nice week off, too. And the next couple of weeks will be a nice chance to get back in the groove. The Boss Lady has two 4-day weeks in a row, this week and next, separated by a 4 day weekend.

The kids and I are hanging out at the house today. It is drizzling and The Princess is still cutting her first tooth, so she is not a real happy camper. Plus, she has a little fever. The Talker is still weaning himself of having someone's, mainly mommy's, undivided attention for 9 days.

Over the weekend, The AtHomeFam did lots of routine stuff. Lots of naps, trips to Costco, cleaning out cars, lots of excitement. This routine was only broken up for one quick trip to work on the old truck. And a call to Rick, out in Alabama. No reason for the call, but I started thinking last weekend that I had not actually spoken to him since the spring of 1997. Lucky him. Should'a blocked that number on Google.

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