Thursday, March 17, 2005

Getting Back to Normal

After a lousy start to the week, The AtHomeFamily has enjoyed all being together this week. The Boss Lady has been off for Spring Break so we have gotten lots of family time.

Good for me, because the kids really want to monopolize Mommy when she is home this much. I think I changed a diaper like 5 days ago. I fed the baby 2 bites, like 3 days ago. Tough schedule, no?

Actually, I usually try and keep some of my normal routines when The Boss Lady is home for breaks. But this time, I have been a big slug.

Today we all went out to the farm. I wanted to piddle with the truck. And The Talker wanted to see the cows and feed the catfish. We had a great time. I got the truck started and running again, after being parked for 12 years. And The Talker climbed all over old farm equipment playing cowboys and indians.

The Princess? She ate a lot of dirt and a few rocks. And The Boss Lady? She must've been happy. She walked around with a goofy grin on her face all afternoon. Hopefully she can enjoy her last day off, tomorrow, too.

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Rick said...

I suspect the goofy grin had something to do with her amusement towards her husbands obsessive behavior regarding said truck.