Monday, March 21, 2005

Random Search Results

Here are some recent searches on Yahoo that led someone right to AtHomeDaddy. Why? Dunno.

Shrek 3 wheeled scooter. OK, this one is simple. I blogged about it when The Talker got one for Christmas.

Lowes Dry stack retaining wall. Thank Yahoo's search robots for putting that one together.

Sombrero Cupcakes. See the last explanation...

Has Neurosmith gone out of business? Short answer... Yes.

naked cabanna boys Words cannot describe how confused I am by this one. Sorry, only occasionally streaking three-year-olds found here. And no pictures. And why the heck would I rank 5th on this search? Just because of my poor spelling? I hope so. Of course, enough of you sicko's go there, and I'll end up first. Yeah!

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