Saturday, March 12, 2005

Bye, Ben

Ben - Benny - The Big White Dog - Big 'un - Boss Man

Whatever we called him, whenever we called, he was one great dog. And every time we left him at home when we went off to do the deeds of the day, we all said "Bye, Ben". And everytime we got home, he was waiting at the front door for us to say "Hi, Ben".

He died at the emergency vet's office this morning. His big old heart and lungs just could not hold out any longer.

Damn. This really sucks.

Bye, Ben.

Here is a picture from the day we brought home 'The Boys'.


Justa Dad said...

I'm really sorry.
You’re right that sucks.
How is the Talker taking it?

Chip said...

So sorry to hear about big white dog. Very sad. when our long-time house cat died a few years ago we really missed her, especially the kids. We would find ourself looking for her for the next few months. Hope the kids are dealing with it okay.

Mike said...

The good news/bad news of this deal is the kids.

They are too young for it to mean a lot. He has asked a couple of times "Where's Benny?", but when we tell him that Ben died and he can't come home anymore, he wanders off to play.

But on the down side, they will have few , if any, memories of Benny and his brother, Bill.

Jen and I, on the other hand, will not ever forget our great 6 1/2 year run of dog hair and drool.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your dog. My mother just lost her cat through a similar situtation over the weekend, so I know how rough it can be.