Tuesday, July 19, 2005

All is good with the boy

The Talker is now tonsil-free. He is tired and dopey, but that is true of most of us in this family. The Children's Hospital of Austin staff was awesome as usual. I highly recommend going there if you want your tonsils taken out (and you are under 17). They will even let you ride a Mighty Hot Wheel to the surgery room if you want.

Plus, after the tonsils are gone, they serve up Blue Bell Rainbow Popsicles. Big time bonus! Almost makes the surgery worth the hassle.

Sorry for the delayed update. But I had to go get my driver's license renewed after we got home from the hospital. Believe me, I would have much rather had my own tonsils removed than wait there for two hours just to recite my Social security number and read one line off of an eye chart. I guess I faked the eye test good enough, I realized when I got the front of the line that my glasses were at home!

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