Tuesday, July 12, 2005

We Gots a Cabela's, Fellas

After The Boss Lady got home from work yesterday, we went down to the new Cabela's, about 45 minutes south of here. The shopping was pretty light, a new pair of sandals for me, a sticker for the truck, a wooden pop gun for the boy and a patch for the diaper bag. We spent a lot of time checking out the mounts on display. They had everything from an elephant to a flock of geese.

The boy enjoyed the laser shooting range a lot. For the rest of our time in the store he kept telling me, "I wanna go shoot some more guns." The range might have been the best part of the trip for me too. I would sight the rifle at one of the targets, and The Talker would stand beside me in a shopping basket and pull the trigger. We missed a lot this way, but we hit a few targets, too.

It is a nice store. And when fishing season gets here for real, I am sure the boy and I will need to make a few dozen return trips.

On the way home, we stopped at the best Mexican food place in town, Matt's El Rancho. It was really loud, but the food is the best. Ever. If you come to town, I'll take you there. It's right on the way home from Cabela's.

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Anonymous said...

you can take yo momma to Matt's El Rancho sometime-haven't had their good food in years.