Saturday, July 02, 2005

Introducing The New Big White Dog

Follow this link to see a picture of the new Great Pyrenees dog. This was the best picture I could get this morning. He is much more impressive in person.

He will be one year old next Saturday, July 9th. He weighs 82 pounds already. If he ends up nearly as big as his daddy, then he is going to be much bigger than Ben, our last Pyr. He is really mellow and super cool. Currently at the vet's this morning for shots and a routine check up.

All should be great this afternoon. Lots more house and yard clean up and dog proofing to be done.


jen said...

What is the name of the "New Big White Dog"? He's really handsome!

Mike said...

What NBWD not good enough for ya? This is a highly anonomous blog, I might as well post my social security and credit card numbers, too.

Just kidding, his name is Kodak.

Anonymous said...

it's so pretty! what kind of dog is it?