Sunday, July 10, 2005

Revenge of the Road Trip

Dad and I were going to sailfish for a while at the coast this week. Then we were going to visit friends of Dad's parents at an Army Division Reunion. I don't remember my Pappy, he died when I was about three, so I was looking forward to hearing stories from men who served in World War II with him.

Dad's back went out on Wednesday, so we cut our fishing and visiting short. And since she was in no shape to drive himself home, The AtHomeFamily met me at The Queen Mother's house last night. We got home this afternoon from the unplanned 600 extra miles. And this chauffeur was tired.

So a quick recap from the road:

Fishing was lousy, at least if you count the fish caught. Only count the time in silence away from the kids and the fishing was AWESOME!

We traveled part of the state that I had never seen. The fam and I will be heading out there again soon. It was a nice drive.

And speaking of nice drives, Pops had a new asphalt driveway laid while we were there. The Talker now thinks that he will get to play on the mini steam roller on our next fishing trip, too.

And the highlight of this weekend? The 2 hour and 20 minute drive home today. Sometimes this drive takes 4 hours or more, thanks to road construction and idiot drivers. But today, we cruised 80 the whole way. Thankfully, cops don't really seem to care how you drive in a minivan...

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