Wednesday, July 20, 2005

TV day

The boy feels lousy today. His throat must really be hurting, because he won't say anything. He is pointing and gesturing, but no talking. And that is a once in a lifetime experience. He is hanging out in our bedroom, watching old Disney VHS movies, just so his little sister can't get to the TV and change the channel during all of the good parts. He is really tired, because of the medicine and the 4 AM wake up to take more medicine.

She is bored silly without big brother around, but we have been playing "Shopping Cart/Baby Stroller Crash Up Derby NASCAR Race" through the kitchen, dining room, front hall and living room. She laughs at the chase and I need the exercise, so it is a good activity. She is almost over whatever made her feel bad enough that we took her into the pediatrician on Monday morning. Now if she will just start sleeping at night...

The dog is quickly getting over the mystery limp, thanks to a visit to the Vet on Monday. Luckily, he does sleep all night.

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Anonymous said...

Just like Queen's surgury it gets beeter every day. Oh and by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. It's in the mail.