Monday, July 18, 2005

Surgery , AHOY!

Today at lunch we talked to the boy about his surgery coming up on Tuesday. His tonsils and adenoids are coming out Tuesday morning. He was eating lunch when we broke the news to him. He sat still, looking at us with his hands over his mouth until I reminded him about THE BOX of MYSTERY .

He got a box from The Mother of the Bride on Friday. Luckily the wife warned me that it was coming, so I did not let the boy into it too early. Inside were supposed to be toys for him to play with after he gets home from the hospital. And they still will be. Mostly.

It is just that I needed a quick bribe to get him to go to the hospital today, so we could tour the surgery area and show The Talker a little about what would be happening. He did not want to go, until I promised that he could pick one thing from THE BOX of MYSTERY when we got home.

The tour included stops to get everyone dressed up in scrubs and face masks, showing the kids a few medical tools like the oxygen sensor that he will wear on his finger, a quick peek into an operating room and a stop in the recovery room.

The kids had fun and the boy had an answer for every question that was asked. Including whether or not he has been to Hawaii. Turns out, he has. At least that is what he told one of the cute college girls that was leading the tour.

But the highlight of the afternoon was THE BOX of MYSTERY . The Talker picked out a pirate ship to play with. The other toys have to wait on top of the piano until the next time he comes home from the hospital.

Mom and Dad loved the pirate ship, too. Once it was finally put together... The boy played with it for 2 hours, non-stop. And only a couple of times did we find The Princess sitting ON the dining table, beside her brother and the pirate ship.

We had him play with the pirate toys on the table, since there were lots of small parts. But now that The Princess can just climb right up and sit on top of the table, we either need to get a new place to play with the pirate ship, or she might need her own BOX of MYSTERY from grandma, for after she falls off of the table and has to go on her own tour of the Children's hospital...


sparkydiva said...

wishing much luck (and lots of ice cream) to the talker - and many prayers for your family.

Anonymous said...

wow, what an adventure! I remember my one hospital visit as a kid (though 5, not 3-1/2) as quite exciting (though no surgery, just hospitalized for pneumonia or something like that). as SD points out, the ice cream is an added bonus (do they still do ice cream?)

Mike said...

Thanks guys, It should be no big deal, but the whole general anesthesia thing worries me a little.