Friday, July 01, 2005

There is simply not enough hair floating around here...

Back when we had two dogs, there was a ton of hair drifting all over the house anytime the air conditioner would kick on. Gross? Probably so, but it did encourage us to sweep and mop a lot more often.

So we are leaving in a few minutes to go look at a dog. A one year old Great Pyrenees that is currently owned by one of the best Pyr breeders in the Texas. She says we might even be able to bring him home tonight.

So I started re-arranging the living room. We might need to set up a dog crate in there tonight. No, I did not mop. But I promise I will if I bring home 100 pounds of white fur attached to a great dog.


sparkydiva said...

good luck!

Anonymous said...

the bigger the dog the better.

If you don't have carpet, just put a fan on the floor and it blows all the dog hair to one wall.

Mike said...

Andrew -

You are smart man. And a truck man, too!

We have tile and concrete floors everywhere except the bedrooms. And the ceiling fans make cleanup a breeze by pushing all of the fur to the corners.