Sunday, July 03, 2005

Having a Blast on the Fourth

Even though we have not been to our church in a month, we are about to head out for an early Fourth of July picnic and fireworks show that our church sponsors. A member of the church owns the pyrotechnics company so we get to have a real professional show and the crowd is relatively small, only a couple of thousand people, instead of 75,000 or more who will attend the city wide fireworks show on the Fourth.

We used to make a day of the city fireworks show. We would get there in the early afternoon and grab our same spot on a nice hill every year. Then we would just sit and visit all afternoon, while the throngs gathered around us. People we know would stop and ask us how we got our prime viewing spot year after year. As if the pile of books, sunscreen and $6 waterbottles didn't tell enough of the story. I would just grin as if I were someone special.

When The Talker's first Fourth of July rolled around, we realized that taking a six month old into the 100 degree heat for 10 hours would not be terribly smart. But they moved the show. And now there are no prime hills worth baking all day in the heat for anyways, just a big flat field. And who want to gloat about sitting in a field with everyone else all day?

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